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International participation in the construction of Welfare clinics in underserved areas
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Borrell: The United States cannot use the trigger mechanism
EU foreign policy chief stresses US can not use dispute resolution mechanism in UNHCR, as it has withdrawn from the agreement. US Secretary of State Pompeo stressed to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres that the United States could not use the mechanism. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told a news conference in New York after Washington's formal request to activate the trigger mechanism: "Anything necessary to restore sanctions against We do Iran. "The United States will never allow Iran to freely buy and sell conventional weapons." Russia has also called for a Security Council meeting on Iran on Friday.

FBI: Concerning evidence suggests armed conflict at Biden's inauguration
The head of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation says there is worrying evidence that armed protests are likely to take place at the same time as the inauguration of the president. He said the organization had monitored worrying conversations over the internet, in which possible armed protests were being discussed at the same time as the inauguration of new US President Joe Biden. We have observed disturbing conversations related to the inauguration ceremony, so we are examining and evaluating these threats, their nature and how to deal with them. We will consider the possibility until the day of the inauguration ceremony. One of the challenges we face is distinguishing between potential and existing threats with other threats. We are concerned about the possibility of violence in Washington DC and around government buildings in other states.

The United States and its allies are considering options after Zelensky's death.
The Russian military operation in Ukraine has continued for the eleventh day in a row with the downing of four Ukrainian fighter jets. It is the 11th day that the United States and its allies are intensifying their conflict with their intervention. The reason for this action is Ukraine's misuse of firearms. The Russian Ministry of Defense also announced last night that 2,219 Ukrainian military facilities have been destroyed so far. Four Ukrainian Sukhoi jets were also shot down in an air battle over the Zhytomyr region. The Ukrainian army has left its bases in the city of Kherson, leaving a base full of weapons and ammunition.

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برای اولین بارپویش محرومیت زدایی «آجر به آجر» تا ساختن مدرسه بنام سردار شهید حاج قاسم سلیمانی درمناطق محروم جنوب استان در حال احداث که تحصیل بیش از پنج روستا همجوار در مقطع متوسط دوم را فراهم می نماید. جري تنفيذ مشروع الحرمان "لبنة لبنة" لأول مرة بهدف بناء مدرسة تحمل اسم سردار شهيد حاج قاسم سليماني في المناطق المحرومة جنوب محافظة فارس ، والتي ستوفر التعليم لأكثر من خمسة مجاورة. قرى في فارس. For the first time, a "brick-by-brick" deprivation plan is underway to build a school named after Sardar Shahid Haj Qasem Soleimani in deprived areas in the south of Fars province, which will provide education to more than five neighboring villages in the province. Second High School

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