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International participation in the construction of Welfare clinics in underserved areas
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Borrell: The United States cannot use the trigger mechanism
EU foreign policy chief stresses US can not use dispute resolution mechanism in UNHCR, as it has withdrawn from the agreement. US Secretary of State Pompeo stressed to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres that the United States could not use the mechanism. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told a news conference in New York after Washington's formal request to activate the trigger mechanism: "Anything necessary to restore sanctions against We do Iran. "The United States will never allow Iran to freely buy and sell conventional weapons." Russia has also called for a Security Council meeting on Iran on Friday.

FBI: Concerning evidence suggests armed conflict at Biden's inauguration
The head of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation says there is worrying evidence that armed protests are likely to take place at the same time as the inauguration of the president. He said the organization had monitored worrying conversations over the internet, in which possible armed protests were being discussed at the same time as the inauguration of new US President Joe Biden. We have observed disturbing conversations related to the inauguration ceremony, so we are examining and evaluating these threats, their nature and how to deal with them. We will consider the possibility until the day of the inauguration ceremony. One of the challenges we face is distinguishing between potential and existing threats with other threats. We are concerned about the possibility of violence in Washington DC and around government buildings in other states.

The United States and its allies are considering options after Zelensky's death.
The Russian military operation in Ukraine has continued for the eleventh day in a row with the downing of four Ukrainian fighter jets. It is the 11th day that the United States and its allies are intensifying their conflict with their intervention. The reason for this action is Ukraine's misuse of firearms. The Russian Ministry of Defense also announced last night that 2,219 Ukrainian military facilities have been destroyed so far. Four Ukrainian Sukhoi jets were also shot down in an air battle over the Zhytomyr region. The Ukrainian army has left its bases in the city of Kherson, leaving a base full of weapons and ammunition.

The price of reconciliation with Bashar Assad / Why did the Arabs let Syria into their arms? News code: 5724891402/02/19 - 03:55
Economic News: The US Secretary of State announced that "the only solution to get out of the current stalemate in Syria and end the war is an election in which people can participate freely." Knowing that they cannot prevent their Arab allies from interacting with Assad, the Americans have asked them to charge Assad a price in exchange for this normalization. According to the report of Ekhtaz News, citing the world of economics, Syria was once again accepted as a member of the Arab League on Sunday (May 17). This action is an important turning point for Bashar al-Assad's government; Because this country is looking to get out of the cold and enter the heat and resume normal relations and attract economic investments.

The participation of foreign Iranians from the country, the humanitarian aid of Iranians in the movement to remove deprivation >> brick by brick to build a school. Underdeveloped areas of the country.
Non-governmental organization Rahran Resalat considers this mission as a valuable effort for the participation of stakeholders in the school building movement. Please participate in this charity and send your cash and non-cash donations as humanitarian aid to Sepeh Bank Card: 5892107044228388 (Rahran Resalat Charity Foundation). Your present and future life and eternal image will remain forever. If we have your first and last name, mobile phone number or email address, we will be happy to contact you and write part of your name in the school building diary. The image will be sent to you. Charity manager.

A unique discovery in Oman. News code: 5727091402/02/20 - 00:37
Archaeologists have discovered the skeletons of dozens of people in a seven-thousand-year-old tomb located in Oman. According to a report by Eztetan News, citing Etimad Online, a group of archaeologists have found the remains of dozens of people who were buried in a stone tomb located in Oman about seven thousand years ago. It was discovered in the province of "Wosti" located in the country of Oman, and it is one of the oldest human-made structures that have been discovered in this country. According to archaeologists, considering that no Bronze Age or older graves have been discovered in this area so far. The discovery of these remains is considered a "unique" discovery.

Agreement between Iran and Oman to invest in the ports of the two countries.
While announcing Iran's readiness to invest in Oman's ports and develop transportation and infrastructure, the Minister of Roads and Urban Development of our country said: It was agreed with the Minister of Transport and Communications of Oman to implement the previous agreements as soon as possible, and also make suggestions regarding investment in Oman's ports. It was presented by Iran, and on the other hand, Oman had proposals to invest in Chabahar port, and we are waiting for Oman's definitive proposals. We announced that we are ready to cooperate with Oman and invest in that country.

EU pressure on America to revive diplomacy with Iran.
The Wall Street Journal claimed that EU member countries have pressured America to revive diplomacy with Iran. The American newspaper Wall Street Journal claimed in a news that the European Union, taking into account Iran's nuclear developments, asked the White House to include the revival of diplomacy with Tehran in its political program. They have been under pressure to revive diplomacy with Iran in order to prevent a possible crisis in the field of nuclear engineering. These pressures took place after the negotiations to revive the JCPOA were stopped after 18 months due to the interference of the Zionist regime and internal differences between the Congress and the Biden administration. In the report of this newspaper, it is said that America is still looking for a diplomatic solution to solve the nuclear problem with Iran, but it has not yet presented a solution to this crisis, and for this reason, the European Union has asked the White House to find a solution as soon as possible. The Wall Street Journal has emphasized that European officials are concerned that solutions related to Iran's nuclear issues have been postponed until after the US presidential election in 2024, but White House officials have denied this claim. Also, this American media has stated that the Western authorities are considering the "temporary agreement plan" as a solution to the nuclear crisis with Iran. Meanwhile, it is said that Iran has rejected the plan for a temporary agreement and this solution will not work to revive diplomacy. Receipt. International Young Journalists Club of Iran

Signing of 4 cooperation documents between Iranian and Omani authorities
4 cooperation documents were signed during the visit of the Sultan of Oman to the Islamic Republic of Iran between the officials of the two countries. During the official visit of the Sultan of Oman to the Islamic Republic of Iran, "Haitham bin Tariq Al Saeed", the officials of the two countries signed 4 documents in the field of economic and investment cooperation. Cooperation in free zones and cooperation in the field of energy were signed. The Ministers of Oil, Economic Affairs and Finance and the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Free Commercial-Industrial and Special Economic Zones from Iran and the Ministers of Energy, Economy and Trade of Oman signed the joint cooperation documents of the two countries

Rahrovan resalat charity

Answers to your questions
If you decide to participate in this charitable work of school building, you can send cash and non-cash donations for financial support to Sepeh Bank card number: 5892107044228388 (in the name of Rahrovan Resalat Charity). If we have your name and surname and mobile phone number or email address, we will be very happy to contact you and write a part of your name in the notebook during the construction of the school.. The picture will be sent to you.

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