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International participation in the construction of Welfare clinics in underserved areas
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Established information

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NGOs, charities and other good thinkers monk 's mission of good will manifested in place to protect vulnerable segments of society requires .
Inspect and service to disadvantaged families, not just the end . It is a religious duty and starting to human obligations .

Mission is an NGO charity monk who started his career on 10/8/1389 .
Dear police was received.
2 - NGO monk charity mission Registration of Companies and Industrial Property Office of the National ID Code : 10530431926 Registered Number : 1644 has been registered on 08.10.1389 .
Ads registered charity established in the official newspaper of the Islamic Republic of Iran
The charity 's mission monk Policy Institute , a non -profit and commercial NGO - NGO has Vghyrsyasy . Vthkym to expand Islamic traditions will accept donations through endowment gifts received - Detention - permissible activities pass the Articles of Association and other public assistance - government or between in order to support international charity aims to create a database of vulnerable population that requires the cooperation and participation of the Muslim Ummah Vkmkhay people using guidelines leader Pshbrd effective step toward the goals of the Islamic Revolution , which is to serve the poor take Vpabrhngan .
NGOs, charity mission objectives followers :
1 - Construction of Clinic Vkhvabgah students in disadvantaged areas .
2 - support charity monk mission requires the vulnerable population of students to higher education for college students, poor students .
3 - grants to outstanding students pursuing research Vnkhbgan students .
4 - donation of land or the right property . , Who currently lack Vmlk land suitable for building or campus clinics in underserved areas of the difficulties for the purposes of charity NGO has created a mission monk .
Donation of land or property right crucial step towards the construction of the clinic will provide health care services in underserved areas .
Cooperation with the help of a benevolent and Nykvkarany Vsayryn interested in this Amrkhyr and pious charity charity invited officials call 009807117403519 to 09179100290 to make contact .
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You can use your donations to account number 255143670348116 bank in the country Dstghyb Ansarshbh martyr in the name of charity monk named Yadu'llah Shokrani mission or card number 6273811037460224 Management Institute) deposit it. Now that God has given this honor to you to help your fellow man went to the assistance and the type of your friendship. Meanwhile we get to cash donations and non-cash gifts - Aanat- will accept the dedication - imprisonment - charity - Offerings and alms and bounties your loved ones abroad to help disadvantaged. Roaders charity mission
Rahrovan resalat charity

Answers to your questions
If you decide to participate in this charitable work of school building, you can send cash and non-cash donations for financial support to Sepeh Bank card number: 5892107044228388 (in the name of Rahrovan Resalat Charity). If we have your name and surname and mobile phone number or email address, we will be very happy to contact you and write a part of your name in the notebook during the construction of the school.. The picture will be sent to you.

إذا قررت المشاركة في هذه المؤسسة الخيرية المدرسية ، فيمكنك إرسال تبرعات نقدية وغير نقدية للحصول على الدعم المالي إلى رقم بطاقة بنك Sepeh: 5892-1070-4422- 8388 (باسم مؤسسة Rahravan Resalat الخيرية). إذا كان لدينا اسمك الأول أو اسمك الأخير أو رقم هاتفك المحمول أو عنوان بريدك الإلكتروني ، فسوف يسعدنا الاتصال بك وكتابة جزء من اسمك في دفتر الملاحظات أثناء إنشاء المدرسة .. سيتم إرسال صورة إليك.

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