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International participation in the construction of Welfare clinics in underserved areas
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Inviting humanitarian aid to benevolent Iranians abroad in the "brick-by-brick" deprivation movement to build a school.
Currently, the NGO Rahravan Resalat sees the mission as a valuable effort to "build a school" of the National Humanitarian Aid Project, which is being built for the first time in disadvantaged areas. You should always be a partner in humanitarian aid as much as you can donate your cash and non-cash donations to the virtual card number of Sepah Bank: 5892107044228388 (Rahravan Resalat Charity). Competencies will remain as a beacon for your present and future life and your lasting image. Sincerely, Director of Charity
Rahrovan resalat charity

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برای اولین بارپویش محرومیت زدایی «آجر به آجر» تا ساختن مدرسه بنام سردار شهید حاج قاسم سلیمانی درمناطق محروم جنوب استان در حال احداث که تحصیل بیش از پنج روستا همجوار در مقطع متوسط دوم را فراهم می نماید. جري تنفيذ مشروع الحرمان "لبنة لبنة" لأول مرة بهدف بناء مدرسة تحمل اسم سردار شهيد حاج قاسم سليماني في المناطق المحرومة جنوب محافظة فارس ، والتي ستوفر التعليم لأكثر من خمسة مجاورة. قرى في فارس. For the first time, a "brick-by-brick" deprivation plan is underway to build a school named after Sardar Shahid Haj Qasem Soleimani in deprived areas in the south of Fars province, which will provide education to more than five neighboring villages in the province. Second High School

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