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International participation in the construction of Welfare clinics in underserved areas
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The government officially approved the negotiations between Iran and the United States site reader 02/20/1402 00:40 3966410
Fars: The legal deputy of the president said regarding the follow-up of the judgment of the Hague Court regarding the case of Iran's complaint against the US government: Legal negotiations regarding the damages caused to the Iranian side and the amount that America should compensate us will be conducted by the legal deputy. Mohammad Dehghan, the legal deputy. Regarding the status of the legal dispute between Iran and the United States regarding the frozen properties of Iran, which was raised in the Hague court, he said: In this field, there has been a mechanism for dialogue with the parties to the dispute since long ago. There is a court called Iran and the United States that deals with claims between the two countries. He stated that both countries have representatives in this court and clarified: This issue is only a legal issue and has no political aspect, and because it is completely legal, that is why. The reason is that we believe that there is a possibility of negotiating the mechanism of the arbitration court between Iran and the United States.
The Governor General of the Central Bank went to Washington
Mr. Farzin, the Governor General of the Central Bank, left Tehran for Washington to meet and talk with the officials of the International Monetary Fund. Mr. Farzin, the Governor General of the Central Bank, left Tehran for Washington to meet and talk with the officials of the International Monetary Fund. In this trip, "Mohsen Karimi", the vice president of international affairs of this bank, also accompanies the governor general of the central bank. The Islamic Republic of Iran is currently a member of the board of directors of the International Monetary Fund. The International Monetary Fund recently published a report in its statistical database indicating an increase of 141 billion The gross domestic product (GDP) of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2022 has introduced Iran's economy as the 22nd largest economy in the world this year. Mohammad Mokhbar, the first vice president, has also published in the 51st meeting of the Asian Trade Union with reference to this statistic. In the International Monetary Fund
The countries of the Middle East replaced America with Iran.
An American publication wrote that the recent agreement between Tehran and Riyadh showed that the countries of the region have come to the conclusion that improving relations with Iran is more beneficial for them. He knows that the change in regional conditions will benefit Iran and harm the United States. Foreign Policy started its article with the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Riyadh in early December and his attendance at the meeting of the leaders of the Arab countries bordering the Persian Gulf. A trip in which the Chinese president, in addition to meeting and talking with the senior officials of Riyadh, also consulted with the heads of Arab countries. The trip, of course, took place at a critical time, when issues such as energy security, regional security and human rights had strained the relations between the two old allies, Riyadh and Washington.
Guterres: History will judge us all. News code 1540819, publication date: November 6, 1402
The Secretary General of the United Nations said: "History will judge all of u
The Spanish minister addressed the leaders of Europe: do not make us partners in the crime of genocide in Gaza07 November 1402 - 03:38 International news West Asia news
The Minister of Social Rights of Spain addressed the heads of Europe: "Netanyahu is a war criminal, do not make us an accomplice and partner in the crime of genocide in Gaza." Netanyahu is a war criminal, don't make us accomplices and partners in the crime of genocide in Gaza
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